Water Waste

Water Waste

We are living in an age of waste. Here in Britain, we often don’t give a second thought to the things we throw away or the resources we waste, but this has a huge impact on our planet and our wallets. One of the resources we frequently waste is water. There are countless ways we waste water in the home, and by changing a few habits, we can all save ourselves a few pounds and maybe have a go at saving the environment while we’re at it!

Where is Water Wasted?

The main room for water wastage is the bathroom. The average person uses 150 litres every day, and a huge portion of that comes from the time we spend in this room.

·         Brushing teeth – If you’ve ever left the tap running whilst brushing your teeth, you can be going through 6 litres of water for every minute spent brushing.

·         Leaking taps – 5,500 litres of water are wasted every year; that’s enough to fill a paddling pool for every week of summer! You could save £18 a year by fixing                                         your dripping taps.

·         Washing hands – Although it doesn’t waste much, putting a plug in the sink rather than washing under running water can save around 3 litres.

Food Waste

We may not think that wasting food relates to water wastage, but when you consider how much water is used in food production, the relationship becomes clear. Around the UK 15 million tonnes of food is thrown out every year. That’s a lot of wasted food and wasted water.

Bottled Water

One litre of bottled water can take up to 5 litres of water to produce. What a waste! Not only does it use more water, it costs around 2000 times the cost of tap water and it generally undergoes fewer quality control tests. In fact, a lot of the time, that bottle of water has come from the same place as the water from your tap, but without being treated.

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