Fascinating Facts about Water #2

Fascinating Facts about Water #2

Back again for the second part in our ‘Fascinating Facts about Water’ pairing, you’ll hopefully have already learned a few things about water that you didn’t know previously, and we may have even dispelled a myth or two as well. There’s plenty more to say, though, so without further ado…

Everlasting Water

The nature of our earth means that there’s rarely any additional matter being lost or gained; stuff tends to stay the same. This means that water which existed literally millions of years ago is still doing the rounds today. We reckon this brings a new meaning to the concept of ‘pure’ water...

Out of Reach

Despite the fact that the world contains more than 300 million cubic miles of water, only just under a third of this vital resource is actually usable to us (i.e. taking the form of rivers and lakes). The rest is either unsuitable for use or simply out of our (easy) reach.

Dissolving Barriers

More substances dissolve in water than in any other sort of liquid, and it’s essential to keep water around when you need to dissolve something like salts or acids. Interestingly, the more salt that dissolves in water, the lower the temperature needs to be for the said water to freeze.

On the Boil

We’ve just mentioned that the freezing point of water isn’t fixed; well, neither is the boiling point. The temperature at which water boils is dependent upon the ‘barometric pressure’, so water on the peak of a high mountain will come to the boil at much less heat than water in an aquatic trench.

Thirsty Business…

We’re all familiar with the sensation of being thirsty, but this sensation is actually a pretty delayed reaction. By the time we start actively feeling ‘thirsty’, we can easily have lost a couple of per cent of the water total in our bodies, so don’t be afraid to tank up on the fluids.

Martian Waters

The discussion about whether or not there’s water on Mars (or whether there has been) is well trodden, but we can be certain that water in the form of ice is present on the Red Planet. The ice caps on Mars are clearly visible, so we’d say that this counts as ‘Martian’ water...sort of…

Defying Gravity

Due to a scientific process known as capillary action, water can actually move upwards in narrow tubes against the pull of gravity. Obviously, it’s not quite as simple as all that, but it’s still a cool fact!

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our two part series on fascinating water facts. Who knows, perhaps we’ll return for an encore at some point, as we’re confident that water is easily interesting enough to fill a third instalment! In the meantime, if you have any need for GRP tanks for water storage purposes, call us today on 0121 323 4000 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss your enquiry.

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