Fascinating Facts about Water #1

Fascinating Facts about Water #1

When a company’s name is ‘PureWater Storage’, you’re not going to be too surprised to find that they deal with water on a fairly regular basis (to put it mildly). On the one hand, water is a pretty mundane thing that most of us in the western world take for granted, but how often have you ever taken the time to stop and think about just how miraculous water really is? Not nearly often enough, we’ll bet. There’s a lot we could say about the wonders of water, but everyone loves a bit of trivia, so here’s the first in a two-part study that we’re bringing you about some fascinating water facts…

Water, Water Everywhere...

When we are born, about 80% of our body weight can be attributed to water. Even when we grow up and become adults, about 70% of our total makeup still consists of water, so for exclusively terrestrial beings, we certainly have plenty to do with water.

The Blue Planet

If we owe a lot of our makeup to water, then our entire world could say just the same. Approaching three quarters of the surface of planet earth is covered in water, so David Attenborough’s famous Blue Planet documentary couldn’t have a more apt title.

Too Much Water?!

The idea that you can’t get enough water is actually untrue. Athletes who are training to excessively high standards of performance often drink a lot of water in a hurry, and when this happens there is a rather rare risk of what we call ‘water intoxication’. This condition results from too much water unbalancing the sodium content in our blood, and, should it happen, the consequences can be fatal.

‘Solid’ Water...

Whilst it’s true that we need to drink a certain amount of water in a day to remain healthy, it’s not the case that this water also has to be directly ‘drunk’. Almost every food or drink type contains a lot of water, and a fair amount of your daily intake can be attained aside from water in a ‘liquid’ form.

Quenching Your Thirst

Given that soft drinks, coffee and tea are predominantly made of water, have you ever wondered why they don’t quench your thirst nearly as much? That would be the caffeine, as this substance prevents the water in the drink from travelling around your body in an efficient manner.

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