Top Ways to Save Water (Part 2)

Top Ways to Save Water (Part 2)

On behalf of everyone here at PureWater Storage, we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of our customers a very happy New Year. 2014 was a great year for us, and we’re thankful to all of you for making such a success possible, but now it’s onwards and upwards into 2015. With so many resolutions being made (and possibly broken) already, why not make your own New Year pledge into a promise to cut down on your water expenditure? Here’s part two of our ongoing series

Use Efficient Appliances

Your appliances can make a colossal difference when you’re trying to save water, as something like a high-efficiency washer can be saving you thousands of gallons on a yearly basis. However, you can also amend your existing appliances to excel in this respect too. Converting your toilet to a low or dual-flush model is one such example. Normally, around nine litres of water are used to flush the toilet each time, so trying to cut down on this necessity is a great thing to be looking into.

When to Wash?

You should try to avoid washing your clothes until you actually have enough to make it worthwhile. The same goes for washing dishes using a dishwasher; hold off until you can make a stab at filling the appliance. Obsessively washing clothes or dishes just for the sake of cleanliness is commendable from one standpoint, but it can waste lots of water when set against doing it when you need to.

Watering Responsibly

Our gardens all need watering, but mind how you do it. Water with a watering can rather than a water-greedy hosepipe, and don’t splash water onto paved areas; it’ll only be wasted. If you can, you should water in the evenings to allow the fluid to soak in more efficiently, and try to water less frequently, but more deeply. Mulches can also help to retain moisture, so consider using them.

Caring for Cars

Whether you’re a very proud car-owner or not, a bit of dirt and dust doesn’t need washing off instantly. If you’re washing your car yourself, try to position the vehicle near to your lawn so you’re doing two jobs at once, but a better measure may be to take it to a car wash. Car washes use far less water than you would at home, so they’re great for saving water.

At Pure Water Storage, we’re all about saving water, and if you need something like GRP sectional tanks to do the job properly, then we’re the ideal place to come. Water saving and storage isn’t just for the New Year, so call us now on 0121 323 4000 and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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