A Drop in the Ocean – Why Harvest Rainwater?

A Drop in the Ocean – Why Harvest Rainwater?

Rainwater harvesting isn’t something that you tend to spend much time thinking about in most lines of work, and that’s a real shame, seeing as the collection of rainwater actually dates back to several thousand years ago; you’d have thought it would have more publicity by now! When you begin to consider storing water in rainwater tanks, you begin to discover a lot of benefits, so it’s something that we’d encourage more people to get involved in. Here’s a guide to this very useful habit...

What is Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater normally flows off roofs and the like to be lost forever down the drain. Whilst none of it is ‘wasted’ in one sense, collecting said rainwater in a storage tank is highly recommended. Storage tanks can be used in conjunction with storm water drains to collect the water, and you’d probably be surprised at how easy it is to filter this water to remove debris like leaves as well.

How is Rainwater Harvesting Used?

Rainwater is useful over all four seasons of the year, and it’s depended upon within a variety of ways. For example, it can be used within washing machine cycles, to flush toilets, water the garden or clean the car, and the storage tanks are equally as utile in both domestic and commercial premises. Unless the water is treated, it can’t be relied upon for drinking purposes, but that’s hardly a drawback when it sees so much use in other capacities.

Why is Rainwater Harvesting Helpful?

Obviously, the aforementioned uses for rainwater are all helpful in their own right, but perhaps you need a few more facts and figures? If that’s the case, the following pointers should convince you...

  • Rainwater harvesting can be used to effectively save a lot of water within either a domestic or commercial system. We’re not talking about a few per cent either, but between 30-80% (depending on the premises). That’s frighteningly good efficiency that’s well worth having.
  • Your water bills can be vastly reduced by harvested rainwater, largely as a result of the previously related benefit. Once again, you could see savings of up to 80%, and, if rainwater storage is combined with metered water, the results can be hugely impressive.
  • In a world where eco-friendliness is becoming increasingly important, you can’t do much better than rainwater storage. Water is an extremely precious resource, so treating it responsibly and making a difference to the environment is an incentive all on its own.

There’s still more that could be said about rainwater collection, but this should be enough to keep you ticking over; it’s still early days on our blog after all! In the meantime, if we’ve convinced you to start storing water, you can rely on us to provide all of the rainwater tanks that you need. We can also supply things like GRP tanks for other purposes too, so whatever you water storage needs might be, we can help. Call us now on 0121 323 4000 and we’ll be happy to discuss your enquiry.

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