Water Shortage in California Reminds Us All Why Storing Water Is Important

Water Shortage in California Reminds Us All Why Storing Water Is Important

The American state of California is no stranger to drought, having suffered from severe water shortage for the last four years. Back in 2014, a governor declared a state of emergency and since then, there have been some extremely strict mandates for when it comes to using water.

In an executive order on urban water reduction that was issued back in April, he called for fines to be given to anyone who was found watering their lawns or spending far too much time in their showers. He has said that watering the lawn every day must become a thing of the past, as conserving water is essential for the future of the state.


Whilst California might be quite a few miles away (well, more than 5,000), it still puts forward some very real questions about water and what can happen when a large area is faced with a serious drought.

As you have probably guessed by our name, we think that water storage is very important. Whether you’re a company who is using a Wras approved water tank or GRP Tank to store large quantities of water, or you just a homeowner who wants to help preserve as much water as possible – there are some basic tips that can help you do it the correct way.

 We have put together a few of these below to help you out!

Clean Your Water Storage Containers Before Using Them

We advise you to wash and disinfect any containers that you are going to be using to store water. This is to make sure that you get rid of any germs or bacteria that may be on the container – this could contaminate your water and make you ill.

We suggest using hot tap water and detergents – never use bleach that has scents or additives. You should also avoid using any container that has previously held any type of harmful substance. Once your container is correctly washed and filled with fresh water – make sure that the container has been sealed firmly.

Store Your Water in Appropriate Conditions

Water should be stored in a room that is both dark and cool. This is because a room that is light and warm will only encourage the growth of bacteria – something you definitely don’t want around your water. We think that somewhere such as a cellar, cupboard or food storage room are the best places to store your water.

You shouldn’t store your water outside as this will affect how long it lasts. It should also be stored away from both direct and indirect sunlight!

Label Your Containers Clearly

It might sound silly, but it’s actually a really important tip for when it comes to storing water. By labelling water that is specifically for drinking, you can avoid any confusion in the future.

This is especially important for those who are storing their water in bottles that are coloured – as no one can see what is inside!

Replace Your Stored Water Every Year

Water should be able to last quite a few years whilst in storage, but we recommend that you actually replace your stored water every year – to keep it fresh! You don’t need to waste the water though, use it for watering your garden or cleaning your car!


As you can see, we might not be suffering a water drought, but it’s still very important to store water. We hope that our tips will help you store yours in the correct way!

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