Would You Drink Water from... Mars?

Would You Drink Water from... Mars?

There’s nothing better than a glass of cool, refreshing water at this time of year – the perfect way to rehydrate your body! But what if you knew that the water had actually travelled through space to get to your mouth, originating in a crater on our favourite neighbouring planet, Mars?

Okay, so this is really just a hypothetical situation – we’re yet to hear of any plans to fly out there and start bottling one of nature’s most precious resources – however, with recent research showing that Mars was actually home to a large amount of water relatively recently, the topic may be a lot more relevant than we once would have thought.

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When we say recently, we do mean within the last 500,000 years, but in terms of the lifespan of a planet that’s not insignificant, especially since it means that there was probably water still on Mars when human life was beginning to take a recognisable form on this planet. Studying the million-year-old ‘Istok’ crater, scientists found evidence that could only have been created by the movement of large amounts of flowing ice water. Although they are recommending caution, as these results may not be reflected across the rest of the planet, it indicates that Mars is a lot more habitable than we’d ever dared to dream.

So how do we explain the fact that Mars is now almost completely dry, when it once could have had craters filled with water? It’s all down to the planet’s rotational tilt, which affects overall temperature changes; unlike Earth, Mars has a dramatic tilt which causes extreme ice ages and warm periods. As this is a cyclical process, it could even mean that the water once flowing across Mars could one day appear there again.


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This is certainly fascinating for any would-be astronauts among us, but it’s perhaps even more interesting when we consider what it tells us about wonderful water itself: specifically, how vast quantities of water can carve a new face into a landscape by creating ‘debris flows’ of sludgy water and rock. It also gives us yet another reason to start exploring the potential sources of water on Mars, perhaps expanding our knowledge of both that planet’s history and our own.

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