Water: Separating Myth from Fact

Water: Separating Myth from Fact

Water conducts electricity, humans are 70% water, and we need to drink 8 glasses of water per day, right?

Well, not so much. Considering that water is essential to the survival of humans, there are a whole lot of myths going around that are simply not true. Whether they have come from oversimplified facts taught in school or corporate scare-mongering tactics, most people have been misled by these myths and now is the time to bust them. In this blog we’ll separating the myth from the fact so that you can properly understand the world’s most abundant compound a little better.

#1 – Humans Are 70% Water

The human body contains a lot of water. It helps us to transport nutrients around the body, move our muscles and cool down. It is commonly thought that by weight, humans are 70% water, but this fact isn’t totally accurate.

The water content of humans can be as little as 45% and as much as 73%, depending on a whole range of factors such as age, gender and body fat content so pinpointing one specific percentage is very tricky. A fairly accurate water percentage is 48 ±6% for females and 58 ±8% for males, but even these may be incorrect depending on the person.

Myth: Busted

#2 – Water Conducts Electricity

Since you were a child you were probably told to keep water and electricity as far away from each other as possible because water is a good conductor of electricity. While it is true that any water you find will probably conduct electricity, pure water is actually one of the best insulators of electricity.

Rather than water conducting electricity, it is the other particles dissolved in water that are conducting the electricity. Because water is such a good solvent, it almost always contains some dissolved particles. Water holds these particles in a way that they can conduct electricity very well. Finding pure water is incredibly rare though, so it’s best to keep water and electricity well away from each other.

Myth: Busted (kind of)

#3 – We Need To Drink 8 Glasses of Water Per Day

While humans do need water to live, there is no universal number of glasses that we should be drinking each day. This myth is likely to have come from a marketing campaign for bottled water that aimed to get people to drink more water.

In truth, the amount of water a human needs per day depends on many factors including gender, weight and lifestyle. Thankfully, humans are built with a natural tool for knowing when they should drink: thirst. It’s generally agreed by scientists that drinking whenever you’re thirsty is the best way to get the water you need.

Myth: Busted


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