Water Farms- Are They The Future of Food?

Water Farms- Are They The Future of Food?

The global population is predicted to hit the 9.1 billion mark in 2050, it’s no wonder that designers and innovators are already thinking of ways to solve the inevitable rise in demand for food.One design that has recently surfaced is by architect Javier Ponce and Jakup Dycha, who have designed what they have names the “Smart Floating Farm” concept.

These floating offshore rigs are to be used as a farming environment, freeing up space on the land for the ever growing population to live on. They intend to not only harvest crops, but also gather fish too.

The team from Barcelona have designed the concept to be multi levelled structures with solar panels on the roof to run completely from sunlight. They plan to utilise the use of hydroponic farming, which is the method of growing plants and crops using only water without the need for soil.

Hydroponics and Water Storage

This use of hydroponics is what has caught our eye here at PureWater Storage. Due to the need for water which is free from salt in order for the plants to grow, water storage tanks are to be implemented to hold the desalted water. This means that the plants will have access to fresh, clean water all year round, thanks to the implementation of the water storage.

The roof of the building would be covered in solar panels which would be used to power various tools within the rig.

Supply and Demand

The farms would be placed and moved around depending on the area who need food the most, allowing for a consistent food supply for the population in that area. Less crops will be susceptible to weather related damage, and will have access to the highest quality water and ideal growing conditions.

The designers have proposed that eventually the farms could become fully automated farm clusters which don’t need humans around to function. They propose that the farms could be controlled by programmed software to avoid any human interaction during the growth of the crops.

It is said that this method of farming will produce 8.15 million kilos of vegetables each year, which is an impressive figure despite being a farm out in the open ocean.

As a leading provider of GRP tanks, PureWater Storage are really excited to see how these ideas progress. Having access to fresh water all year round is something that we believe everyone should have, and these designers seem to appreciate the use of the water storage tank by incorporating them into their concept.

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