Where is the Purest Water in the World?

Where is the Purest Water in the World?

At PureWater Storage, we specialise in providing GRP sectional tanks and the like to ensure that all your water storage needs are easily met, but have you ever wondered just where the purest water in the world comes from? Given the name of our company, it’s a legitimate question, so we thought that we’d do a little research to find out the answer. Read on to learn more about our findings…

The Purest Water…?

We’re not actually 100% sure that there’s a definitive answer to this question, but one fair shout would be the little village of Elmvale, near Toronto. According to a previous study, the water here contains even less lead than the ice layers of the Arctic, which is a frankly astonishing fact, given that such layers are literally thousands of years old. This means that they existed before the arrival of much atmospheric pollution, so by rights they should be cleaner. Yet the water in Elmvale is more pure than any water that you’d be able to find in a supermarket, which is a notable thing indeed.

Actually, there’s an argument that plastic bottles eventually (over time) become a source of harmful impurities themselves, and this is something that many people have looked at in the past. However, just how did the water in Elmvale get so clean? It fell at a time in history when, by rights, it should be fairly unclean, yet protective layers of clay exist in the region that ‘sponge’ contaminants from the springs, so it’s basically soil components that act as a natural purifier. Not what you’d expect!

Distilled Water

Ultimately, there’s probably no infallible answer to where the purest water in the world can be found, as we’re pretty sure that plenty of people would like to stake a claim! However, given the fact that our water sources are usually polluted by natural processes, the very purest water you’ll find anywhere would be distilled water. Not even tap water in a country with reliable sources is distilled as standard, yet the process of distilling is very natural. In essence, artificial distillers just replicate the action whereby water distils in nature; namely, when it evaporates and rises to the sky. Perhaps we’ve indirectly just answered our ‘where is the purest water’ question…in evaporating water.

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