When the Well Runs Dry – Water Storage Through the Ages

When the Well Runs Dry – Water Storage Through the Ages

For as long as mankind has been around, there has been a need to store plenty of water. As soon as civilisations began to build away from water sources, the necessity of keeping water in storage became apparent, and even in river civilisations it was often more convenient to have some water close to hand. Droughts and the like were problematic too, so water storage was simply a way of life. Although times have changed for many of us, water storage is still important for various reasons, and so we keep on doing it. Here’s a brief overview of the many techniques throughout the ages…

Water tanks have been constructed throughout history, and in the main they have always been formed out of natural materials; at least until recently. The key purpose of any such tank has always been ensuring that the water remains untainted, and substances like wood, ceramic and stone have all been used in the construction processes with differing levels of success. Sometimes the longevity of such tanks is surprising, and wooden water tanks have been restored after centuries of disuse.

Historic Water Storage

When we say that water storage has existed for as long as we have, that’s no understatement either, as the Indus Valley civilisation – running from 3000-1500 BC – built water tanks for their granaries. Moving through time, new practicalities began to raise their heads, such as the need for water tanks in medieval castles to defy sieges. In any such engagement, a water tank was always going to be a target for enemy attention, so especially robust (or well-hidden) models were generally prioritised.

Building Reservoirs

By far one of the most impressive ways to store water is through the building of a reservoir. Like all forms of water storage, this has been happening in some form for centuries, and there are even records of extinct volcano craters being used as methods of water storage for agricultural irrigation. Reservoirs and artificial lakes have been have been used to manage water in dry climates since the 5th century BC, and one example from 11th century India covered an astonishing 650 square miles.

In modern times, water storage has become more sophisticated, and numerous designs like ground-based tanks and elevated tanks have been trialled. Perhaps that’s a story for another time though, as we’re definitely out of space for this week! In the meantime, if you want to secure your own modern method of water storage, be sure to contact us now to obtain something like our GRP tanks. We have water storage solutions for a multitude of needs, so call 0121 323 4000 to find out more.  

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