Why Choose A One-Piece Water Storage Tank?

Why Choose A One-Piece Water Storage Tank?

One-piece water storage tanks are manufactured from GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) and are a truly economical option for storing cold water. They come in a range of sizes up to as much as 24,000 litres, with both insulated and non-insulated models to meet your requirements. They are ideal cisterns for restricted spaces, and can even be custom-built to ensure they can be installed easily.


The economical option

A one-piece tank is generally less costly than a sectional tank with comparable capacity. This is due to the simpler design and manufacturing required, it can be an appealing feature of the one-piece option. Furthermore, a large one-piece tank can be a lot simpler to position or install because it will be in a simple shape and can fit easily into the space you have reserved for it. A more complex sectional tank is likely to take up more space for the same capacity and will involve irregular shapes that aren’t always friendly to the space available.

Strength in the long-term

The moulded GRP is an extremely strong and durable material for securely storing anything. It will be resistant to damage from outside sources, doesn’t erode over time or through exposure to certain environments like metal does. It is a great material for a water storage tank to be constructed from, the simplicity of a one-piece tank helps keep the manufacturing costs down, even for custom-sized tanks.

A one-piece water storage tank has to be provided with a flat and level base to stand on. Its positioning must be free from any local protrusions, it must have full support all the way along its base. For practical purposes, it is recommended that the base on which it sits is 300mm larger than the dimensions of the tank, as this can make installation easier and minimise the chances of problems with placement.

If your space is limited and your water storage requirements are relatively basic, then a one-piece water storage tank is the right option for you. The GRP design is sure to keep your tank safe from erosion or damage, so you won’t have to worry about any disasters down the line. And with the savings on cost and space, you’ll be glad you chose to store your water in one of our one-piece water storage tanks.

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