Resisting the Big Freeze this Winter

Resisting the Big Freeze this Winter

Having a cold water storage tank can solve all manner of problems, from lowering your bills to increasing the pressure in your home, but a cold snap can stop all of those benefits dead in their tracks. Cold is an obvious problem over the winter, and if it gets too cold it can freeze up your pipes or even your whole tank. Water expands when it freezes, so frozen water can even damage your tank or burst a pipe. So what can you do to stop that from happening?

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Flash freezing is a problem that occurs when it gets very cold for short periods of time, creating a thin layer of ice that will nevertheless cause problems in your system. A good way to mitigate against these sudden drops in temperature is to line the tank (or critical areas of the tank such as the outflow) with an insulating material such as Mylar or a wool jacket. This will keep the heat trapped in the tank, making sure that the water inside remains at a higher temperature than the air outside, and stopping it from freezing.


If your problem is consistently cold weather, you may find that even insulation can’t help if the temperature is below freezing for a long time. In this case, you can either heat the tank yourself using a heating jacket or element, or you can introduce a pump to keep the water circulating. Heat can be more expensive, and can make the water warmer than you’d like it to be – but even a cheap garden pump can be enough to keep that water moving and prevent it from freezing.

Moving water is at a higher pressure than still water, which depresses the freezing point to even further below zero. It is also full of kinetic energy, which gives it the extra boost it needs to resist freezing even when it’s below zero.

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