Is Water from a Plastic Cold Water Storage Tank Safe to Drink?

Is Water from a Plastic Cold Water Storage Tank Safe to Drink?

One of the most common questions in the world of water tanks is about how pure the water will remain. When you are using a plastic cold water storage tank for everyday usage, this is an obvious concern. Plastic water tanks are frequently used in the home, ranch or place of business.


The general material for water tank manufacture is plastic, due to its proven advantages like strength and durability. This has been the staple for many years, and techniques for ensuring purity of the water have developed extensively to be very effective.

So Can You Drink from Plastic Cold Water Storage Tanks?

There have been many documented cases of water from storage tanks being contaminated. This is often attributed to things like too much sunlight beaming down on the side of the water tank, encouraging the growth of algae. Generally, when natural light hits pure water, we see life appear in the form of algae. Some water tanks are built with an algae-resistant material to fight this.

If there is algae in a water tank, that water is not drinkable. Consuming water contaminated with algae can make humans and animals extremely ill. So, you can only drink the water from a cold water storage tank if there is no algae growth. Even then, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra filtration system in place between the tank and the taps.


How to Filter the Water From Your Tank

If algae growth is not an issue in your tank, then the pure water still needs an extra step to ensure it is safe. Measures must be taken to remove any dead insects, leaves and debris that might enter from the gutters.

A good method to achieve this is to install a first flush kit, which is connected between the gutters that collect rainwater and your water tank. There are various other filtration methods that can be put in place, and they are worth researching in depth to find what will be most appropriate for your system.

cold water storage tank can be used to store and dispense drinkable water, but only if you have taken all the steps necessary to ensure that what comes out of your taps is free from algae and other debris that could contaminate it. The safety of your family, pets, staff, or whoever else might drink your water is paramount, so don’t cut corners on water filtration.

If you are considering having a storage tank installed, and want advice on anything from the options available to the steps you can take to ensure the water is drinkable, please feel free to contact us and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.

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