Why use Purewater Storage?

If you are looking for water storage tanks and tank related products, you are looking in the right place.  Purewater Storage Ltd can supply you with storage tanks and accessories to suit most applications including:

Potable (drinking) water storage tanks, in one piece, two piece and sectional formats.  Bespoke configuration potable water storage tanks, available on one and two piece formats, ideal for applications where access or available footprint are an issue. Provide us with the avaliable space dimensions and we can manufacture a tank for you.

Rainwater Harvesting tanks, both above ground and for below ground applications.  Process cooling tanks for industrial process cooling applications, suitable for solutions at a working temperature of -15c.  Above ground combination units incorporating the water storage tank and a dry compartment into which a booster set can be positioned, all within one unit. The pumpset conmpartment is accessed via a hinged and lockable door.