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GRP Two Piece Tanks

A Comprehensive Range of Two Piece Water Storage Tanks 

Take a look at our range of GRP two piece cold water storage tanks manufactured from WRAS approved GRP materials. Comprising of an upper and lower section assembled at the mid section horizontal joint flange, in effect a one piece tank supplied in two sections to allow lifting and positioning through doors and similar access restrictions.

  • Assembly instructions, joint flange sealant and fixings are provided.
  • Fully encapsulated insulation to sides and lid.
  • Close fitting and sealed lid which is removable for maintenance.
  • CFC free PU foam insulation is completely encapsulated within the GRP laminate.
  • Comprising an upper and lower section of equal height incorporating an external horizontal joint flange allowing the sections to be bolted together on site.  
  • Fully encapsulated insulation to sides and lid. 
  • Tanks storing over 1000 litres nominal have an access man-way with removable lid providing a 520 x 520mm opening, allowing access for maintenance and inspection.

Applications for GRP Two Piece Water Storage Tanks

GRP two piece water tanks are particularly suitable for sites with access restrictions, allowing a large tank to be carried through a doorway or similar restriction then assembled once in position. These tanks are also suitable for all cold water applications including: 
• Potable & Non Potable water storage
• Process water (including process cooling) applications -15ºC to +30ºC *
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Approvals & Certification 

BS EN 13280:2001

Informational Documentation

WRAS document - Potable water storage tanks

CWST Operations Maintenance Manual

General Conditions of installation for one and two piece tanks

Two piece cold water storage tanks binder sheet

On-site connection fitting instructions for One piece, Two piece & Sectional tanks


*Note - WRAS approved tanks are to a max of 23°C for potable water.