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Water Tank Temperature Sensors

When it comes to water storage, the temperature of the water in question is vitally important. Water being utilised for human consumption, including drinking water, and water for the food production industry, generally known as "potable water", should usually be stored at a temperature under 20*C, and the tank should also be properly insulated, as well as regularly monitored to ensure that the temperature of the water contained within, is within a safe and practical temperature range. Such care is taken largely because of the risk of bacterial concerns like Legionella, Legionella bacteria thrive within waters that contain ample nutrients, and water between the temperatures of 20-45*C is the optimal environment for the bacteria to grow. Below this temperature, the bacteria lie dormant and do not pose a threat, and they also cannot withstand excessive heat of more than 60*C. Within cold water storage tanks high water temperatureis not an option, making it vital that temperature sensors are used to help ensure that the water remains below the 20*C benchmark.

Avoiding contamination is always an issue of paramount concern within water storage, but it's especially important when you're storing water that is supposed to be fit for human consumption. Here at Purewater Storage, we offer a range of stainless steel temperature sensors. These are suitable for monitoring water temperature when wired back to a temperature gauge or similar indicator (not included). We have years of proven experience when it comes to water storage, so you can be confident that we'll help to keep your water at the highest of standards.

There's a lot to consider when storing water in cold temperature tanks, and we stock all of the storage tanks and accessories that you're ever likely to need. If you would like to discuss our temperature sensors in more detail with us, please send us an email or call us on 0121 323 4000.