Top Ways to Save Water (Part 1)

Top Ways to Save Water (Part 1)

Here at PureWater Storage, products like our GRP tanks are regularly utilised by various parties to store water, and, given our name, you’d probably expect nothing less! As the most precious resource that our planet has to offer, the storage of water is highly recommended, and it’s no exaggeration to say that people in certain countries find that it’s literally a matter of life and death. Of course, we’re very keen on saving water in a more general sense as well, so, with the New Year on the horizon, why not start getting into some good water-saving habits? Here are some of our top suggestions...

Take Notice of Taps

When doing the dishes or brushing teeth, many people leave the tap running. This can waste litres of water per minute, so try to turn off the taps whenever you see the opportunity. Easy.

Showering Smartly

A similar principle to the one outlined above, leaving the shower on all the time when you’re washing is unnecessary and potentially very wasteful. Instead, you should wet yourself through, and then turn off the shower while you’re applying soaps and the like. Only when you’re ready to rinse down should you actually turn the shower back on. You might also consider taking shorter showers and installing ‘low-flow’ shower heads too, as such things will make a huge difference.

Look for Leaks

Any leak you spot, however small it may appear to be, is a major issue when it comes to wasting water. Make sure you get such leakages fixed whenever you come across them, even if they are only apparent in something tiny like an aged faucet washer.

Ditch the Bath

On average, having a shower will use a third of the water that you’d expend on a bath. In the days of yore, baths were a sporadic happening in most people’s lives, and we’re all for that happening again!

Collect ‘Grey Water’

Waste or ‘grey’ water can be used for tons of handy purposes. Waste water from the bath, washing machines, or simply a tap when you’re waiting for a specific temperature can be easily used on your garden, whilst excess clean water from the latter example could even be used to hand wash clothes.

It goes without saying that saving water is a topic than can be covered in a lot of detail, so rather than rushing through the relevant information we’re going to take our time over a series of posts instead. Visit us again soon to read our latest selection of tips, and, in the meantime, if you have any questions about our own water storage tanks and the like, be sure to call us now on 0121 323 4000.

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