Equilibrium Float Valve with Float - 100mm or 4 inch

Equilibrium Float Valve with Float - 100mm or 4 inch
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WRAS approved Equilibrium Float Valve with Float - 100mm or 4 inch
A range of quality high flow rate Float Valves which are simple and
robust and can reliably self-compensate for changes in water
supply pressures. One size of seat and one size of ball float will
suit any working pressure up to the maximum recommendation
of 5bar Even at these pressures the seat combined with the hydraulically
balanced closing action gives fast, quiet and smooth shut-off.
Valves are available in 1/2” to 4” sizes with BSP male threaded inlet stub.
Std valve with float to suit fitting into the tank body to provide conventional air gap arrangement (AG or AF).
All Equilibrium float valves are supplied with a high quality copper float.
Body: Gunmetal
Lever arm: DZR Brass
Lever arm claw: Gunmetal
Ball Float: Copper
Back nut: Plastic, Brass or Gunmetal
_ Available in full bore configurations to suit pressures up
to 5 bar (75psi) whilst still maintaining a fast, quiet and
smooth shut off action.
_ Available with male BSP
threaded connections to suit most
connection situations.
_ The body of the valve is made from
corrosion immune Gunmetal giving
years of trouble free service.