Water Tank Support Frames

Water Tank Support Frames from Pure Water Storage

• Steel water tank support frames suitable for raising the tank, allowing pump sets or other equipment to be positioned underneath.

• Allows maximum use of the available footprint.

• Increases the static head for applications where pressurised feed to equipment is advantageous.

• Suitable for One piece tanks, Two piece tanks and most Sectional tanks.

• Available in galvanised or painted finish.

• Can be manufactured in one piece or in bolt up sections allowing easy access and assembly

• Supplied with ply boarding to provide a flat solid surface for the tank base

In order to allow us to provide additional information and pricing please contact us with the following information:

Size of the tank for which the frame is required.

Clearance height required underneath the bed of the frame

Whether the frame can be positioned in one section or in bolt up sections where positioning access is restricted