Case Studies


Take this for an example - the press are full of reports of problems related to water, we do not have enough, it is in the wrong place, we have hosepipe bans in the summer, the cost of water is not going down.

The UK is not exactly lacking rainfall. The problem is that when it rains after a spell of dry weather the ground is so hard that the rain does not soak in, it runs off to the drainage system often resulting in flooding.

So what could be done in a case like this?

We experience water shortages

We have sufficient rainfall

We use mains water to wash the car and water the garden


Why do we not store some of the rainwater as it runs away from the guttering of our homes? Rainwater is suitable for watering the garden and indoor plants, cleaning the car and many other applications.

Click onto our Rainwater tanks page on this web site, there lies the solution. Buy a rainwater storage tank. If your home is metered it will also save you money and guess what - you will be doing a bit of good for the planet and that will make you feel good too, its a win - win.

Note that untreated rainwater is not suitable for human or animal consumption.